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Safety and supervision of our campers is our number one priority.  For that reason, our Camp holds at least 1 supervisor for every 9 campers.  Camp counselors are one of the female soccer players from the college, and are housed on the same floor as her assigned athletes.  She will be responsible for the apartments schedule as well as the transitions to and from all camp activities. Camp directors are housed in the same building as campers, and do periodic rounds throughout the evening.  Directors oversee all transitions, are housed on campus and are available 24 hours per day for all camper and family needs.   Campus security patrols the campus throughout the night including the main halls of the apartments.  Families who decide to sleep away will have their own apartment on a separate floor of our apartment complex.    Mountain View Apartment Complex is reserved specifically for our Camp, as the FPU campus is not in session during the summer months, and only houses camps and staff.  Key fobs secure the main doors of the apartments.  Prior to arrival we will email you a list of what to bring.  This email will be sent out by June 1st.

The campers will not occupy the building with any other organizations or college students.  

It will be dedicated to the sleep away camp. Please check the

"At Franklin Pierce University, you will hear students and faculty alike refer to this area of the campus as the "West Side," which is comprised of three buildings: Granite, Mount Washington, and New Hampshire. The housing capacity of this area is 563. Three Residential Experience Directors and 20 student Community Assistants supervise the "West Side."


There are 6 four-person apartments in each of the five towers (A, B, C, D, E).  In each apartment are two double bedrooms with an adjoining full bathroom.  There is also a half bathroom, living room, and kitchen.  Bedroom and common area furniture is provided.


Within the building there is:

·         Filtered hot & cold water

·         Soda Vending Machines

·         FREE Washer and Dryer units

-         FREE Wi-Fi

In each room there is:

·         1 Cable TV Outlet

·         1 Phone Outlet

·         Computer/Internet Hookup (as many as there are residents)

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