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New Era Soccer is tailored specifically for the youth female athlete. New Era is unique in that it focuses on the ‘total’’ athlete. Soccer players participating and competing at high levels today are no longer simply “technical” or “fast.” They are trained and developed in all facets of the sport and fall in love with the process of doing so. That is why New Era Soccer focuses on these 4 Pillars of Development:


1. Technical Ability

2. Decision Making Skills/Tactical Awareness

3. Athletic Qualities (Speed, Power, Strength, Mobility, Agility, Balance/Coordination)

4. Mental Make-Up (Psychological Factors- Ex. Confidence, Pressure Management, Professionalism, Unit Integrity)


New Era uses a comprehensive, intensive and creative methodology which engages, inspires and excites the young player through using all 4 Pillars of Development. Players of various levels will experience first-hand a system of training that will prepare them for more than just their future on competitive teams.  It prepares them for an athletic lifestyle that they are proud to call their own. The time has come for young, female players to have access to the expert, motivational, and competitive training they deserve. 


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