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Looking to improve your skills outside of your current sessions? Do you have goals you want to accomplish for the upcoming season? Are you a player who wants to learn more about the game? Then the New Era Private Lessons are the place for you! The tailored curriculum has been specifically set-up to improve your game and take it to the next level!


The training sessions will work on:

  • Technical development

  • Awareness on the field

  • Position specific development

  • Passing

  • Shooting

  • First Touch

  • Cognitive development

  • Coordination

  • Fitness & Speed


New Era prides itself on development and if you are looking to improve on your strengths, develop your weaknesses and elevate your current game, book a session today!

Want to bring a friend? No problem! Our private training can be held from 1-4 players.


Train with Teammates (1 - 4 players)


Looking to test yourself with your teammates? Why not try out our Team Private Sessions for up to 1 - 4 players and develop with your friends. Being in a competitive environment where you and your teammates are pushing each other to be better can be the best way to learn.


Soccer is a team game - so developing and working with others to achieve a common goal is essential!


Sign up for private lessons based on your area:






Email us below to find out more about a training session in your region!


NY / CT Region


NH / MA Region

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