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Previous Shows

Episode 1- Pilot

First ever Podcast with Coach Jon. Jon will taking us back to the beginning of New Era, the reasons why it was created and its purpose today.

Episode 2

Coach Jon interviews Coach Craig Roberts from Ball State University and Coach Phil Zayas from Johnson & Whales University. The coaches discuss topics from college recruitment process, do's and dont's for players and parents, developmental path of youth soccer, and much more.

Episode 3 - British Edition

Coach Jon discuss the differences between the youth development system in Europe and the US with two colleagues from England.

Episode 4

Coach Jon talks to two former players and NJCAA National Champions about their youth development. At the end of the podcast, he gives a quick guide for parents to train with their kids.

Episode 5 - Holiday Raffle

Coach Jon discusses "Coaching up," "Coaching Down," best practices in regards to stretching the development of all players on your team, regardless of varying levels and more with Coach Phil Zayas. He also speaks to All-American NCAA player Aline De Lima about how to create a realistic, but effective and meaningful pre match routine for young players and parents.

Episode 6

Coach Jon talks with a parent about youth soccer and youth development in general.

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