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“Gabby and I had a fantastic time at the Summer Session of the Girls Soccer Academy.  The coaches were tremendous. Not only were they skilled instructors but they fostered a positive environment for all of the girls.  My daughter liked being with girls of all ages as well. The grounds were beautiful and the kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming in the lake were an extra bonus.  Exceptional coaching and fantastic opportunity for my U11 daughter.  We look forward to seeing you next year.”


Lori - Parent

"My daughter, Sarah, came home raving about her fabulous soccer camp experience this summer. Full disclosure here, she’s not the gushing-over-anything type. Who would have thought lake & bubble activities could be so much fun? Coach Jon Garber and the rest of the amazing coaches are all exceptional in their fields. They truly care about the students and make it a point to provide everyone with the individual attention needed. Their enthusiasm, dedication & passion for teaching girls soccer is truly apparent. As a parent I feel this camp was run in a very efficient & organized manner. Without a doubt I would recommend this camp to others!"  


Cynthia - Parent

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